What Is Massage?

Massage may be defined as the systematic and scientific manipulation of the soft tissue of the body for a therapeutic purpose. Massage is used to relieve pain and reduce swelling, to relax muscles, and to speed the healing process following strain and sprain injuries.

Effects Of Massage

  • Restoration of functions – beneficial influence of skin, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, lymphatics, heart and digestion.
  • Elimination of toxic matter via lungs, kidney and skin.
  • Increase of blood supply to vital organs.
  • Relaxes tight or spastic muscles, loosens fibrous thickenings around joints and breaks up uric acid deposits.
  • Exerts soothing or stimulation of the nervous system.
  • Secretory functions of glandular system are increased to greater activity.
What types of Massages can I receive at Groves Total Approach?

Remedial Massage

Sports Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Seated Massage

Hot Rock Massage